Logo Angry Bunch

Angry Bunch
Lodi & Mendocino - U.S.A.

This more than remarkable wine domain exudes pure Rock and Roll! Wines for tough men, quirky musicians, anarchists, adventurers and other alternative artists. Only their catchy introduction film about the history of "The Angry Bunch" will allow you to sit back amused and interested. The entire symbolic journey from the old world to the new West is presented in an entertaining and humorous way and makes you yearn for a delicious bottle of Angry Zinfandel! Lodi is the unofficial capital of the Zinfandel and is the place where the original Angry Bunch was the first to put its feet in the ground. The presentation is also very American and "Hits you right in the face"! "All nicely brought and packaged", we hear you think ... Of course there shouldn't be any wine behind it that would make us happy to cross the ocean! 

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Logo Au Contraire

Au Contraire
Sonoma County - U.S.A.

This was the first family vineyard of the renowned Taub family in Sonoma County. The wines are specially made for those who fully embrace life. For those who make the impossible possible! This vision is also presented in a fun way on the label with an illustration that turns expectations upside down. Au Contraire has enviable "Cool Climate" vineyards, especially in these times. Just like in Burgundy, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the royal couple, and just like in the Côte d’Or, the best wines in the world are made here. The exceptional quality is guaranteed by the legendary Californian winemaker Tom Hinde and his experienced team. Who again said that the best Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs are undoubtedly from Burgundy ...? You'll definitly say...AU CONTRAIRE! 

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Logo Mon Frère

Mon Frère
California - U.S.A.

The Mon Frère Winery originated from a collaboration between one of the most legendary winemakers in America, Tom Hinde and perhaps one of the most important wine-related families after the prohibition in twinties, the Taub family. It is not a unique vineyard or winery, but by utilizing vineyards in different locations in California regions and different clones of the same grape, they work optimally towards a complete version of what wine in California has to offer in a fairly responsible price range. . "Mon Frère" is an ode to those special and rare friends who feel like family and for whom you are happy to bring out your best bottle. The wines are incredibly versatile and a testable proof of what their grape can offer. The presentation honors in a pleasant way what friendship has to offer in all its forms ... In good and bad times! 

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Logo High Heaven Vintners

High Heaven Vintners
Washington State - U.S.A.

The High Heaven Vintners have their home base in Columbia Valley the largest appellation of Washington State where they have been active for more than 100 years. Their philosophy for obtaining great wines is: "after first understanding how to grow amazing grapes, we set out to make the best wine". The vineyards are located in the "rain shadow" of the Cascade Mountains. They provide a natural barrier that protects the vineyards against rain and extreme conditions and ensure a dry and sunny climate, ideal for the grape grower. Moreover, people work organically everywhere and to the highest quality standards, proving that not only are top wines made in California. High Heaven tastes as it sounds ... Heavenly! 

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Logo Heritance

Napa Valley - U.S.A.

The Taub family is a big name in California on the scene of wine and spirits. Their history goes back to the end of the prohibition in the twenties. As one of the first in America, they received the personal permission of President Roosevelt to produce and distribute alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, we are 3 generations further but still the Taubs are one of the references in California, even for the entire US. Heritance is the most important family vineyard and one of the benchmark wineries of Napa Valley, America's most renowned wine region. Their impressive counter to the absolute top of our European quality wines. Heritance is actually a combination of "Heritage" and "Inheritance", pointing to the start of a new tradition and its sustainable continuation. The wines are made after the example of the greatest Bordeaux and leave the true wine lover with absolute silence!.

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Logo Miquel Arroyo

Miguel Arroyo Izquierdo
Rueda - Spain

Miguel started in 2004 with the acquisition of the vineyards of his parents. He is the 4th generation of winemakers in the family. The old vineyards are still cultivated, but he also planted new vineyards and created a completely new bodega with the most modern techniques to produce high-quality wines. This is the most southwestern region of Rueda. The grounds here are so poor and sandy that this piece even remained largely free of Phyloxera so that some old grape growers still stand on their original sticks. It also has the oldest and original clones from Verdejo that are organically and all processed manually. He prides himself on the fact that his Verdejo can even withstand the test of time quite well and proves that also with his wines.

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Logo Paolo Cottini

Paolo Cottini
Veneto - Italy

La differenza tra fare un lavaro and farlo per passione è il risultato! The difference between working and doing this with passion is the final result!
Paolo Cottini has his own work ethic to obtain a personal identity for his wines. Together with his wife Sarah, he continues a passion under his own name that has actually been inspiring for 3 generations. The vines are planted in the heart of Valpolicella, more specifically Castelrotto and include 2 different wine regions, both geologically and climatically. One in Ca´ del Gallo at 580 m altitude, southwest facing and the other in Valgatara at 250 m altitude and southeast facing. They lie in the middle of the big names and enable them to give the respective wines as much balance and complexity as possible guaranteeing a unique identity. This small family domain surprised many wine critics in no time and worked its way up to an unmissable wine experience in a nevertheless unique region in terms of grapes, wines and their respective production methods.

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Logo Musso

Piedmont - Italy

With Musso, we welcome the absolute top of Barbaresco to our portfolio. The historic vineyards are also connected to those of their world-famous neighbor Gaja. In 2014, their Barbaresco "Pora" was even voted the best Barbaresco of the year ... scored better than Gaja's! 
The vineyards of Musso are currently located in 4 of the largest locations in Barbaresco: Pora, Rio Sordo, Ronchi and Cavanna. Every wine and grape is treated with the utmost care and is always an unforgettable experience for every wine passionate. With great pride and respect we would like to introduce and recommend this iconic wine domain to our wine-loving customers.

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Logo Deta Distilleria

Deta Distilleria
Tuscany - Italy

The story of Deta starts in 1926 when the family of Marquis Torrigiani of Santa Christina founded a small distillery near the Chianti hills in the heart of Tuscany between Florence and Siena. After World War II, Angelo Gianchecchi took over the distillery and changed the name to "Lo Stillo". The distillery soon became a reference for distillates in the Tuscan wine landscape. In 1978 the company took its current form. She was taken over by Luigi Forni and his daughter. During the industrial revolution, they implemented drastic modernisations and adjustments and at the same time they could count on Lo Stillo's years of experience and know-how. While other distilleries did not take these steps or did not do so in time, Deta worked its way up to the top of the region. To this day, they present only high-quality distillates that will delight any grappa or limoncello enthusiast.

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Logo Halos de Jupiter

Halos de Jupiter
Rhône - France

Philippe Cambie is a living legend in the Rhone (and by extension France!). He is known as one of the biggest winemakers (and you can also take that literally ...) of his generation. In 2010, he was voted winemaker of the year by Robert Parker. Over the years, he has therefore created a number of iconic wines that have made many wine lovers crow with pleasure: Domaine Les Escarvailles, Domaine Les Cailloux, Calendal ... And a whole lot of other legendary wines in which he interfer(s)(red). Les Halos de Jupiter are his ode to the king of the grapes of the Rhone: The Grenache! Symbolically he makes the link between the king of the gods "Jupiter" (Zeus) and his rings (Les Halos) and on the other hand "King Grenache" and a series of appellations in the Southern Rhône. He impressively lets you taste what is possible with this grape! Whether it is the slightly cheaper Costières de Nîmes or the exclusive top Châteauneuf-du-Pape “Adrastée”, made from more than 100 years old Grenache vines. His wines are one by one gems that will bring you in a far-reaching state of transport or as the presentation of the bottles suggests ... In heaven!

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Logo Claroscuro

Uco Valley - Argentina

Claroscuro is a tendency in the art world wanting to emphasize the extremes of colors and light impressions. In both photography and painting, dark effects are represented even darker than these actually are and lighter effects are even lighter. Thus the midtones disappear and the extremes are amplified. The story of Claroscuro starts in 2012 when Gustavo and Paula Cucchiara passed here and immediately fell in love with the beautiful Finca San Francisco with its equally beautiful views and majestic surroundings. At over 1100m height and with the impressive Andes as background, Uco Valley is a unique location for growing grapes. Since they keep art as important value and consider wine making as such, they want to promote art through their wines and have their wines tasted through art. Each bottle receives a personal work of art from Argentinian artists and is thus a representative with a unique identity. The vineyard is subdivided into different terroirs which make it possible to create different characters with different grapes Each bottle has a painting with similar characteristics and make more than just a nice bottle of wine from each cuvée.

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FizZERO logo


FIZZERO, a new project producing excellent non-alcoholic sparkling wines from the Mosel with innovating techniques.

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Logo Kirrihill

Clare Valley - Australia


People and passion: the foundation for Kirrihill Wines. A young crew of winemakers looking to make a mark through dedication to quality and innovation. Calling the pristine Clare Valley of South Australia home, they also draw on expressive vineyards across the Clare region as well as selected cool climate pickings from the Adelaide Hill. Working with nature during the critical ripening period and harvest is a determining factor in premium winemaking, allowing flexibility in caring for the smallest parcel of handpicked fruit while effortlessly handling a selection of classic regional and alternative premium grape varieties. Hardly an overnight success however the Kirrihill wine quality continues to be a wonderful “serendipity” moment for wine lovers.

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Logo Gran Appasso

Gran Appasso                                     Puglia - Italy

Gran Appasso was originally founded as project linked to a single wine made from dry grapes. Given the success achieved in a very short time, it was decided to make a brand with a Top of Range made from dried Primitivo grapes coming from old vines.

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Logo Masseria Trajone

Masseria Trajone
Puglia - Sicilia - Italia

Through a contemporary perspective on wine and with the help of the most modern equipment they succeed to present a wide range of wines from the central and the south of Italy, linking an unlikely good price-quality ratio to authenticity and typicality. Hence, they capture the extensive diversity of the South of Italy in a wide range of sunny delights.

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Logo celf de Saint Thomas Chateauneuf du Pape

Domaine Clef de Saint Thomas Châteauneuf-du-Pape - France

The origin of Le Clef de Saint Thomas is actually in Provence, at the famous Château Calissanne. This historic and impressive property has been known for years as one of the very best in Provence. Their wines and also olive oil have a top status in France. In 2006 owner, Philippe Kessler realized his long sighed dream to buy vineyards in the world famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape. He manages to buy 4 different plots with the 3 main surfaces of the appellation represented. Here, the different grapes find the ideal soil to plant their feet and thus create wines that make Clef de Saint Thomas the exceptional domain it already is today. In less than 10 years they have worked themselves up to the absolute top of Châteauneuf Few are the wineries that manage to put the same finesse and elegance into their wine. Saint Thomas refers to the unbelieving apostle Thomas who could only believe if he saw it. The key is the opening of the gate to temptation and wealth, to the world of beauty and creation. In the traditional winegrowing area of ​​Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Le Clef de Saint Thomas and Pierre Troupel stand out immediately because of their colorful presentation, but especially because of their unique style and character.

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Logo Paul Thomas Sancerre

Domaine Paul Thomas 
Sancerre - France

The vineyards of Paul Thomas are located in the tranquil village of Chavignol at the foot of the Côte des Monts Damnés. The privileged soils contain a lot of lime and are similar to the infamous "Oyster Bank" grounds in Chablis. (Terre Blanche) Chavignol is also known as one of the few real origin names of cheese. Namely the famous Crottin de Chavignol. (Local goat cheese) This can, if not different, combine like any other with the local Sancerre wines. Nowadays, son Raphaël Thomas runs the small family business. Normally he aspired to a career in physics but after his father suddenly died in 2000 he decided to continue the family tradition. He attaches great importance to a natural vinification and fermentation in old traditional wooden barrels and wants to make an optimal expression of Sancerre of each cuvée. Each cooper of grapes is harvested manually and carried from the steep slopes. Because of the different characteristics of his land, he can produce some beautiful Sancerre's with various characters. His wines show an ideal balance between intensity and structure and ensure that every wine lover has the necessary drinking pleasure.

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Logo Grand C Alsace

Grand C 
Alsace - France

This young, ambitious wine project was set up under the expert guidance of Axel Wulfken, former Marketing Director and Product Manager of the Moët-Hennessy and Jacques Cattin, one of the most leading winemakers from Alsace and president of the renowned "Association Crémant d'Alsace". Over the years, his cremants and wines received various awards. The purpose of Grand C is to market a range of delicious, pure and modern Alsace wines, which meet a contemporary and representative style, and which liberate Alsace from its boring, old-fashioned image without loosing the tradition and typicity of the region. The presentation is also far from the classic, ugly Alsatian bottle and exudes an innovative, colorful atmosphere. Especially with its wines itself Grand C will give you more than pleasant surprise and instant wine fun on many occasions!

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Logo Dornisch Wines

Game of Thrones - Dornish Wine
Côtes de Castillon & Saint-Emilion 

Born in a family of fanatic winemakers and a big fan of the famous "Game of Thrones" series, Thibaut Bardet dreamed of being able to taste a wine from his favorite series. He thoroughly examined the wines from the series and took a close look at the described characteristics and properties. He went to work with his father. Many techniques and blends were reviewed, before they came to the final Dornish Wine with its specific flavors and aromas. For the Imp's Delight they even went a step further and only pure, traditional vinification techniques were used, without the addition of sulphite, to meet the image of the series as much as possible. Also the specific shape of the bottle, the label and the washing seal are reflected as authentically as possible and could thus come straight out of Game of Thrones. The Merlot grape plays the main role. The wines fall under the appellations "Côtes de Bordeaux Castillon" and the world-famous "Saint-Emilion". The years of experience of Vignobles Bardet guarantees top wines from these regions! One by one exceptional wines. "Only close friends can drink them ... So have a drink with us!"

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Logo celf de Saint Thomas Chateauneuf du Pape

Château Franc le Maine & Paradis  Saint-Emilion Grand Cru - France

The story of the Bardet family starts in the 18th century when one of their ancestors with his boat took care of the transport of wines to the port. The vineyards located next to the Garonne (from Bergerac to Bordeaux) were thus able to transport and export their products. After some time some vineyards were bought and with the entry of the railways, transport over the river was soon superfluous. It allowed the family to concentrate more and more on wine-making. The original boat, however, was included in the family coat of arms and remains on all bottles until now. The current owner, Philippe Bardet, with the help of his sons, runs the various Châteaux with great dedication and great concern for the environment and ecosystems. Both on the field and in the basement no effort is spared to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. It is not sprayed preventively or threated with chemical fertilizers, chance of superfluous oxidation is kept as small as possible, geothermal energy is used and some wines are bottled even without added sulphite. Châteaux Franc le Maine and Château Paradis were last bought. The latter domain used to belong to the family and is a 5-hectare paradise for vines along the banks of the Garonne. It has become the "home" of the family. The wine produced here is one of the absolute top wines of Bordeaux!

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Logo Domaine Saguin Pouilly Fume

Domaine Seguin 
Pouilly Fumé - France

The history of this authentic wine estate dates back to the 19th century when Berthe Roumier owned 1.5 hectares of vineyard in Berthiers. Together with her husband, Ernest Seguin, they bought some more vineyards in Bouchot. For example, a variety of terroirs were obtained over the years, including the three most important: lime (fruit), the famous Kimmeridge soils (aromatic strength) and Silex (minerality). Through a combination, they are able to produce complex and refined Pouilly Fumé's that have become almost the trademark of the domain. The belief is that the wine is made in the vineyard. Protecting the local ecosystem is a top priority. They also work according to the "Lutte Raissonée" which guarantees the most natural possible approach to the wine process and avoids the loss of the natural character of the vineyard. The basement is also located on 3 levels to work with gravity as much as possible and to avoid the use of pumps. The current winemaker Philippe Seguin is a real perfectionist and skilled in New Zealand, Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Rhône before joining and now also succeeding his father. His accompanying philosophy is "Wealth in Diversity". Each of his wines is an unmissable example of this!

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Logo Barcolobo

Barcolobo -Finca la Rinconada
Castilla y Leon - Spain

The Winery can be found on the La Rinconada estate, an extraordinary and picturesque natural landscape in the Castronuño region (Valladolid) where the river Duero flows in the form of a sickle to form the shape of the land on which the estate sits (hence the name – rinconada means cornered or cut-off in Spanish). This place boasts a long crop and livestock farming and hunting tradition within the privileged surroundings of the “Riberas de Castronuño – Vega del Duero” Nature Reserve, a habitat of exceptional value for such wildlife species as the purple heron, deer, wild boar, eaglets and countless other animals. This space of incredible natural beauty and value is home to both the vineyards and the winery

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Logo Landhaus Mayer

Landhaus Mayer
Niederösterreich - Austria

Gerhard J. Lobner, production manager of Landhaus Mayer, and the winegrowers jointly decide which steps to take in the vineyards. The vines are closely monitored from the pruning up to the optimal harvest time. "I cannot even begin to describe the potential of these areas", Gerhard J. Lobner enthusiastically says. Due to structural change, many of the prime vineyards are highly endangered of being abandoned. Landhaus Mayer wants to take countermeasures and develop promising prospects with the local winegrowers.

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Logo Monsieur et Mademoiselle

Monsieur et Mademoiselle
Vins de Pays - France

The range "Fifi and Marcel" was created by the inhabitants of the famous Château Fonbadet to offer some of the most classic grape varieties in France at an affordable price while keeping the quality in the foreground. The regions designated for this project are Côtes de Gascogne for white wines and Languedoc for red wines. An appropriate research of the soil and the climate of each place allows to create fruity and mineral white wines with a lot of freshness and for red wines of a beautiful concentration and at the same time seductive, sensual and tasty. The experience acquired over the years by this Château Bordelais now applies to these areas with high potential, where mass production was mainly done before. The importance is to restore these classic grape varieties in the quality they deserve. Moreover this French identity is emphasized by the frivolous character of the visuals on the bottles. Mr. and Miss, you will immediately feel the well-known feeling of "La belle vie à la française" putting you instantly in "holiday" mode.

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Logo Leyris Maziere

Domaine Leyris Mazière - Bio Languedoc - France

Quirky winemaker with great ideas, resulting in the best wines from the region. His wonderful blends include grapevarieties such as Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Cinsault and Alicante. At Domaine Leyris Maziere, all tastes are catered for! 

Des vins les plus naturels possibles

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Logo Cimate

Le Cimate - Montefalco 
Umbria - Italy

“LE CIMATE” is situated in one of the most suggestive locations at the heart of Umbria - Montefalco. The 28 hectares of land were purchased by the Bartoloni family in 1993 from the Diocese of Spoleto. This site includes the property where the Curate of Casale resided. The family has specialized in agriculture since 1800 and owns a total of 184 hectares of land, of which 108 hectares are used for grain produce, 15 hectares for the hazelnut ,15 hectares for DOP olive groves and 23 hectares cultivate DOCG vines. Situated on a splendid hill top with a 360 degree panorama view of on one side the Monti Martani mountains and on the other side the city of Montefalco, the cantina ‘Le Cimate’, surrounded by it’s suggestive vines, has been constructed on the site of an existing building and takes the name of the actual location. Included in the land is an area where it is said that Saint Clare of the Cross (Santa Chiara della Croce), who lived around the turn of the 12th century, used to shepherd her sheep. In those times there was a water spring that is now long gone where she used to lead her flock to drink whilst she prayed. This area which covers approximately 5 hectares now harvests 4 different types of high quality white grape vines. Three generations of the Bartoloni family have contributed to the construction of the cantina; grandfather Paolo who has dedicated his life to agriculture and moreover has always specialised in vine growing (he was president of the local community cantina ‘Colli Spoletini’ for more than 20 years); his son Giovanni who had the courage to believe in the investment necessary to realise one of the most modern cellar in the area; and grandson Paolo who with his degree in agricultural studies will dedicate the rest of his life to wine production

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Logo Meerendal

Meerendal Wine Estate
Cape Town - South Africa

The rich history of Meerendal Wine Estate began in 1702 when Governer Willem Adriaan van der Stel, son of the Constantia founder Simon van der Stel, granted the fertile land, located only 30km north-east of Cape Town, to Jan Meerland. Meerland passed away at sea on route to Europe in 1714. His wife, Christina Stans took charge of the wine estate and ten years later had already cultivated over 60'000 vines. Traditional cultivation methods such as bush vines are still found at Meerendal to this day. Meerendal was one the first wine estates to cultivate Pinotage, the new South African grape, developed in 1925 by Professor Abraham Perold at the University of Stellenbosch. The unique location and soil quality at Meerendal is ideal to cultivate this noble grape variety. Carefully selected grapes, combined with traditional and modern cellar technology, forms the basis of the excellent quality of Meerendal wines. Virtually at sea level, the hills of Meerendal rise above the flat surrounding landscape and are often surrounded by mist. Together these hills and valleys provide an almost endless variety of slopes, soil types and micro climates that make it possible to grow a range of classic cultivars with equal success. The Durbanville region is amongst the coolest wine-growing areas in the Cape Winelands and benefits from very little rain during the summer. The cool character is mainly caused by the southeast wind which blows over the vineyard on late afternoons during the summer months. The cool moist air slows the ripening of the fruit and concentrates flavour in the berries. "Our vision is to optimise what we are blessed with and continue to improve the quality of what we produce." - A message from Meerendal and its people

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Logo The Belief Thembi Wines

The Belief - Thembi - Fairtrade Western Cape - South Africa

The story of Thembi Tobie is not evident. Working as a black woman in a white man's world, learning everything herself in her spare time, learning to taste wine, studying wine books, visiting wine domains and attending training, we already know this self-made woman has serious capacities. Her vision goes well beyond selling a brand name. At the time of apartheid it was forbidden for black people to drink wine. That's why Thembi made this step into the wine business; to make a difference. She wants to be an example for other young blacks and a pioneer as a woman. She believed in her dreams and made them come true. Her goal is to produce top quality wines that are accessible and affordable for everyone. Her wines are guaranteed fair trade ... and delicious !

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